Our submitter is part of a guild for the not-yet-released Star Wars: The Old Republic. juvey dropped into their Ventrilo and decided to send this PM on their guild forums. (click for big)


  • Anonymous

    Nice to see someone laid the banhammer on this jackass.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, @Onyx72:disqus .

    Though, I wonder what the payout would be for a bet like that?

  • Meg Atron

    Dear internet,

    ‘lol’ is not puncuation.


  • Anonymous

    I wish all of the internet heard that.

  • Anonymous

    Me thinks the spammer doth protest too much.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve no clue if ‘fat’ was supposed to be an insult in the message or not. btw how does someone sound fat? maybe I just have no fat-dar…

  • Anonymous

    this made me giggle a lot. lol.

  • Rikard Nilsson

    what’s wrong with onions?

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