Foible in Fable

PriestlyPlace apparently wasn’t satisfied with the fantasy free roam in Fable III, so he decided to try and take things a step further. Unfortunately for him, this story had no happy ending.

“I was minding my own business when I received a message from a stranger asking if I had a mic. I said no. Nothing more was said from me and soon after I received a friend request, which I deleted right away. Then I received the next two messages.”


  • Jeremy Bourne

    His gamerpic makes it so much better.

  • David

    His Gamer Pic makes me hate him even more.

    How dare an asshole like that disgrace the good image of ‘Splosion Man?!?

  • Brannon Sherry

    I always wonder where boys like this get their ideas about how to talk to girls. Do they get them from porn? Why don’t people sit them down and explain this stuff to them?

  • Anonymous

    The reason why there are guys who do this is because there are girls out there who respond favorably to it.  It’s rather embarrassing to our species, I think.

  • Mark Paterson

    What kind of gamertag is “PriestlyPlace”?

  • Anonymous

    Good thing I haven’t played Fable 3, but that spoiler in the first post sounded kind of spoilerish…

  • Rikard Nilsson

    You should have said “yes” then after he had sent the pic you should have turned your mic on and just laughed your heart out…Bet he’d never do that again after that.

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