Minecraft, Mine… crass?

Some simple minded Minecraft users seem to have uncovered a rare gem….a female?!


  • Levy Wilson

    Did you join a server full of 4chan users? There’s a female moderator on the server I play on and no one gets anywhere near this offensive, even though she calls herself the boobmonster.

  • Anonymous

    Haha. The “rare gem” pun cracked me up as it totally caught me off guard.

    This seems more like kids being socially awkward than misogyny.

    I derived so much mirth due to how Infamous sluttycow totally got burned by blackwood cute6065.

    Also, “Infamous sluttycow”, as a moniker, amuses me.

    “Who are you, stranger?”

    The stranger glances over his shoulder to his benign interrogator.  He considers the question as he shifts the weight of his diamond pick in his hands and narrows his eyes.  Gravelly words tumble from his mouth: “They call me…” (pause for dramatic effect) “…Infamous sluttycow.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/Happyhansha Brannon Sherry

    “cute is a girl word”

    Oh silly, silly, simpleminded box dwellers.

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