You may have outsmarted me this time

“Curses!” cries poor Druideli. “Foiled again!”

Druideli - Auchindoun

  • Bean Clayton

    I feel so very bad for that person’s family pets. 

  • gtz

    FYI there’s a “breaking and entering” joke in here somewhere that I slowly backed away from.

  • Rod Wymer

    he could always rape a dog on the way over…

  • Anonymous

    lol I can never find the pictures on this site that I’m supposed to vote on

  • Courtney Nicole


  • Anonymous

    Yay! My picture got posted! It’s weird how people change in games when they find our your a girl, this guy seemed relatively normal before the rape talk got started…

  • Heidi Kojima

    Hide yo dogs, hide yo cats…they raping every animal out here…

  • Anonymous

    Are we really getting to bestiality with these people?

  • David LaRoss

    Rape the *door*? That doesn’t sound like a good idea for anybody. Quite Darwinian, though.

  • Anonymous

    The bestiality is just incidental to the to intended terror.

  • Anonymous

    he better rape that door eh.

  • Anonymous

    Well, *I* thought the idea of incidental bestiality to be hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    lol the ‘i dont have one’ was just such a nonchalant comeback at all that typing above it

  • Rikard Nilsson

    1. How do you rape a door?
    2. Actually, there’s no “2″.

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