Moving a little fast

After one round of UNO, Ma5t3RkkUsH is ready to take the next step.


  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows you can’t go from “big dick 4 u” to “vchat” right away, it freaks chicks out!

  • Lucan Monks

    Seriously, is UNO some secret dick-flashing site. Between here and “Why Was I Banned?” it seems to have nothing but penis-showing freaks on there. :P

  • Anonymous

    These get read from bottom to top.  So he attempted to initiate friendship after offering his wang.

  • William Clarke

    erm.. I think he means the wang wants the friendship…

  • Anonymous

    Oh the dickflashery on uno  is no secret to anyone lol. Besides, anyone who uses a ;p probably doesn’t have that big of a dick.

  • Samantha Jenkins

    I love a big dick.

  • Anonymous

    So send Ma5t3RkkUsH a message and let us know how that turns out.

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