Faster Food

Lich_Fear has found a special trick to hopefully get that sammich delivered sooner.


10 Responses to Faster Food

  1. Anninyn says:

    I wounldn’t be bothered by the kitchen statements if they hadn’t ceased to be funny in 1969.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I actually think this is pretty funny.  It would fit in well with the banter between me and my friends.  …Not the kind of thing you should say to strangers, though.

  3. Carly Frith says:

     Okay I admit it, I laughed but for the same reason as Ogre, it reminds me of banter between myself, husband and friends. Not nice to send to strange ladies though.

  4. Luis Pabon says:

    What Carly and Ogre said.

  5. Heidi Kojima says:

    I wasn’t offended. When he sent this to me I laughed my ass off xD

  6. Kito Zeo says:

    This message is pretty hilarious!

  7. Roxy says:

    This isn’t funny. As old as this joke is, it still casualizes sexism. I really don’t know why you people are laughing.

  8. jonathan says:

    Wow I had no idea there was a spawn point in the kitchen.

  9. Arckaneum says:

    Graphically fit there are many places to be though that spawn point tends to lead to a killing spree.

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