We have a startling amount of things in the works, behind the scenes, on the down-low right now — most of which we’re working on with a deadline of August something-something. We were hoping that the PAX Prime schedule would have been officially announced by now, but alas. We’ll let you know the confirmed date, time and location of our panel once the schedule goes up.

A few weeks ago myself, likeOMGitsFEDAY and inklesspen sat down and had a chat with the delightful folks over at the Moving Pixels blog on PopMatters.com. That podcast is now available, and I guess it gives you an idea of what things might be like at PAX. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

(I know, inklesspen isn’t on the Staff page yet, but his ‘silent partner’ status is slowly retreating.)

A while ago I mentioned the FUoS article I wrote for bit-gamer.net, which I’ve now seen in print! Eeeeeeee! For those in the UK, it is Issue 096 of Custom PC magazine, Sept 2011. Thanks to Games Editor Joe Martin for the fantastic layout, the great player stories he gathered and the gorgeous old advertisements scattered among the text. Pictures after the jump!

Also, check out our Press page if you haven’t already. The above items have been added, as well as this fantastic article from Gamers With Jobs.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Drexiel Drexiel Tempest

    this is so full of win… can’t read the article, but pictures of messages posted here daily are the reason why my girlfriend doesn’t play with a headset or that she barely logs into PS Home… always a jackass wanting to hit on her and disrespect her

  • Anonymous

    So as a contributor to Custom PC, what kind of video card do you think is the best right now?

  • http://www.lucidfanart.com Dee

    Congratulations, I actually found out about this site from that article and it was a great read and I’ve already liked you on facebook and I will defiantly be keeping this site in my favs

  • Anonymous

    wow, that podcast interview is *long* o_o
    I didn’t have an hour to listen to the whole thing unfortunately, but for the parts I did, it’s fun. And, you guys, I think my gaydar had a reaction while I was listening to that lol. How can someone sound gay over a mic?!? Not a clue, but… yeah. Oops if you happen to bat for the other team… it happens :p
    Anyway, I hope you guys have gotten a little more accustomed to being in the spotlight after that interview, as there will be many more to come… Best of luck!

  • http://twitter.com/MarySueTwiteth Mary Sue

    OMGYAY! I missed that you were going to be at PAX Prime. I am going to try my darndest to be at your panel (if it is during a D&D dungeon delve, though, all bets are off.)

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