Vanquish Thy Foe

Oh dear, it seems like CussingBigfoot2 is threatening to give cancer to Virginia.


  • Dayne

    Too easy. So much so that it denies us any fun.

  • Anonymous

    lol somehow I thought the ‘Virginia’ in the opening post was in reference to Virginia Woolf…

  • Courtney Nicole

    ohhhh he means “conquer”!!!!! He wants to conquer Virginia!

  • William Clarke

    I’m sure he means concur… so he agrees with Virginia (Woolf)?
    Though I think a Vijana might be a vitamin-enriched orange juice and banana smoothie

  • Jennifer Wilson Gatts

    holy hell. Maybe he should try to conquer the dictionary first?

  • Heidi Kojima

    Conquer? You sure? I thought he wanted to cancer her vagina…but then again cancer isn’t a verb..

  • Jon Blyth

    Yeah, I reckon he’s playing around with “divide and conquer”. Doesn’t make it OK, of course, but not wishing cancer on you is slightly less not OK

  • Anonymous

    … So, I’ll end up with four legs? Or will you divide by two, therefore giving me one leg?

  • Amala

    Vijana just sounds like marijuana to me. No idea why. Possibly it’s what the writer of that message was smoking?

  • Anonymous

    Ill: Sickly, unwell.
    Divide: To separate.
    Ur: An ancient Sumerian city.
    Legs: Limbs bipeds use for movement and weight-bearing.
    An: Used to denote a singular instance of a common object or occurrence.
    Concer: Apparently British slang for one who wishes ill on others (or a misspelling of “concern).
    Ur: We’ve been over this…
    Vijana: Best guess is a type of Jazz.
    Lol: “Nonsense” in Welsh.

    Either he’s not feeling well enough to walk all the way to the jazz festival, or he’s VERY concerned about nonsensical music making its way to the Middle East.

    Also,Cussing: The act of orally ejaculating profanities.Bigfoot: A large, hairy, creepy beast.2: There’s at least one other Cussing Bigfoot out there somewhere.

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