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Hi, Derailed Metal is conducting a poll. Do you have a few moments to spare?

Derailed Metal

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha!  I wonder if he has any follow up questions.

  • Anonymous

    +1 for using the right form of “their”

  • Kyle Ohgodbees

    Hahah this one is actually awesome.

  • William Clarke

    Clearly Derailed Metal is female :P

    I guess if you answer “No, it isn’t gross” he will then send you a video chat request so he can give you a show :-S

  • fake_off

    Only when they ask strangers about it. Jackass.

  • Luis Pabon

    Well…do you?

  • Anonymous

    Seriously. I think the rest of you guys are missing the issue, here. Clearly

  • Anonymous

    “No, but I do find it gross when random strangers try to talk to me about it.”

  • Chris Schwake

    -1 for failure to capitalize “Do” and -2 for failure to put an apostrophe in “it’s” 

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