BFFs in the making

ACE SUP3RMAN sent this to our submitter who wasn’t playing a game, just watching some Torchwood. Maybe he should get together with this guy, I think they could be friends. :)

“First message was what’s up and I asked who they were.”


“I asked, why?”


“I said, I don’t know you. You found me randomly.”


  • Anonymous

    This seems more sad than creepy.

    You hear that alienated and lonely folk?  If you don’t know how to make friends then you deserve loneliness and public humiliation.

  • Alex MacKay

    If you go about it asking random strangers in a sort of pathetic way, then yeah, I’d say that’s about right.

  • Mark Paterson

    I feel more sorry for these guys than anything else really. So desperate are they for companionship that they have to seek out complete strangers – as if there was even a slim chance that anything could realistically come from a one-off meeting that happened purely by chance.

    Unless of course, my sympathy is misinformed and these guys are just faking it in a bid to get some. THEN it’s creepy.

  • Skylar Titan Glass

    Such a romantic.

  • Nate Bloodrocuted Yarborough

    Are some people really this socially inept? Do they really believe that hitting on random people via XBL is gonna help them in any way?

  • Anonymous

    People this socially inept probably don’t have much of a pool of women to talk to.  I suppose they think blindly approaching girls on XBL has a better chance of working than trying to approach the no girls who don’t exist in his day to day life.

  • Replay Goblin

    OH MY GOD.. this guy is so thirsty!! i wish he woulda sent u a pic lol

  • Bruno Dion

    Move over OkCupid, XBox Live is the new dating website.

  • Ali Buchanan

    Yeah, this is my submission and I have no idea how they found me because I haven’t played an online game in over a week. Just netflix.

  • Anonymous

    Ah bless him, he seems amazingly creepy; how could anyone resist him?

  • Zahrah Clarke

    I feel sorry for him, because he seems desperate and what he’s doing is more pathetic and annoying than anything. Or he’s just a prick who doesn’t know when to let up. Either way, loneliness is a sad, sad state.

  • Magic Assasin

    Why is this offending? Cry more. Seriously.

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