So, not the kitchen?

nickelback4life suggests a change in scenery for our submitter.


  • Sarah FatalFae

    Obviously his Mom never taught him “If you have nothing nice to say, shut up and sit in the corner until you can”.

  • Mark Paterson

    One thing I know for sure, he’ll never cut it as a blind man and never make it as a poor man stealing.

  • Sarah FatalFae

    Bet his sick of standing in lines to clubs he’ll never get in…
    and his life hasn’t quite turned out the way he wants it to be…

  • iris bull

    Should we expect more from someone so deeply devoted to Nickelback?

  • Anonymous

    No kidding!  There’s nothing we could say about him which he hasn’t said worse about himself.

  • Anonymous

    Most likely a lonely, sad child.

  • Anonymous

    …I’m Dutch-Irish.

  • Stirlz123

    I’m a guy and I don’t see why guys do this, it isn’t funny it’s down right disrepectful. They think they’re tough hiding behind their tv screens. A woman has every right to be entitled to having a game online without being harassed.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think they think they’re tough, they just know that they can easily get away with it.  In fact, I’m guessing many of these troll fully understand that they aren’t tough, and lashing out is a symptom of the shame of their deficiencies.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to publicly apologize for some members of our gender. We are doing our best to put them all down.

  • Jon Rosebaugh

    A particle physicist with a violent streak. Classy.

  • Anonymous

    Not so much violent, more practical. Less money wasted on idiots, more money to spend on science, we let GlaDoS do the violence for us.

  • Mame’zelle Maria

    Never mind the comment. The guy should die in a fire for being a Nickleback fan.

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