Santa’s Little Helper

MrKronicmind is getting a head start on this year’s candidates for the Naughty and Nice lists.


  • Jasmin Kiviniemi

    OMG, I got one from the same guy! It’s a small world indeed.

  • Mark Paterson

    Speaking of small worlds, maybe we should find an uninhabited one to stick people like this on. And one without air.

  • Anonymous

    The guy’s just asking a simple question. What’s wrong with you people unable to answer yes or no?

  • Evan Johnson

    Santa is really phoning it in this year

  • Anonymous

    Although questions have question marks.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Well there was this time I stabbed a guy who harassed me on Xbox Live…’

  • Em

    Gotta love his gamer tag. He musta been saying that sort of thing for a loooooong time…

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