Group Therapy

We were sent several screenshots of this chatlog, which I’ve pasted as best I can into an image that is still pretty huge.(1.5MB) You can view a sample of some of my favourites below. I hope that getting all of this off your chest brightened your day, fellas! The internet is a great way to find like-minded individuals and really help one another. :)

(in before tl;dr)


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  1. Evan Johnson says:

    I don’t see what the problem is. If the bitch did what they told her to there wouldn’t be a problem, right? /sarcasm

    • Anonymous says:

      Evan, you are a man who is proud of your opinions, a man who isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes.  Here is your chance.  What’s your address you coward?

  2. My favorite is the part about once women develop their own opinions they become satanists lol Gotta love it

  3. Roxy says:

    Horrible mommy issues. 

  4. You know what? I love the fact that this conversation was caught and sent here. It’s funny, but at the same time, disturbing. 

    The amount of verbal sexism in this is just downright disturbing. I hope that every single one of those parasites got banned.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, I actually live in a place where this kind of thing is rampant. It is the kind of thing that becomes apparent at the bars at 2am every, single, night… it is horribly pathetic.

  5. *Twitch*

    My brain hurts, and for some reason, my hands have balled into fists all by themselves.

  6. I. M. Meen says:

    What a bunch of losers.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Heh, initially I was like, *culture shock* “wow, what a bunch of cowards. did they attempt to debate with a feminist in the past and get their egos mortally wounded or something?” And then I realized, they might just be *really, really* young, and misguided… -_- so maybe the culture shock I was experiencing was a direct result of the age difference… I feel old.

    My favourite is the one about hair length of feminists, lol

    • I remember a summer camp I went to when I was about 14 where all of the boys would sit in their bunks and talk like this in the dark until they fell asleep. They would say things about how you had to break your girlfriend’s spirit so she knew who was in charge, among other delightful things. Eventually I just remarked: “So, you guys think you’re supposed to treat your girlfriend like a horse?” As you can imagine, I wasn’t very popular among that group. Needless to say, teenage boys who really have no idea what women are like and have nothing at all going for them like to talk like this for some reason. This makes me feel old too, in all the right ways.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, and then when they said real women have long hair and let their husbands beat them. One guy in particular was very passionate on this particular subject.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Haha, what a bunch of shitheads.  I like how for about half of that, they’re not really conversing with each other, but it’s more like they’re in a misogyny competition.

    Tehrer Wrist cracked me up with this, though: “you gotta beat them, but then you gotta know when to finally give them water.  that’s why women are complicated :/”

    Indeed, sir!

  9. Anonymous says:

    So sad. I don’t understand where boys like this(can’t really call these guys men) learn these things. It’s discouraging really. For all the guys that treat women with respect it only takes one bad apple like this to spoil the whole batch for some women. I do not assault women in any way. I don’t understand what possesses a man to do so. They’ll get what’s coming to them…. In this life or the next.

  10. Lucan Monks says:

    What. The. Fuck?! – Seriously?!? I weep for the girlfriends of these people. (Not that I believe they’ll have or have ever had one.)

  11. Kylie says:

    Wow, the “group therapy” title is spot on.  I guess you’d have to find some anonymous outlet (circle jerk) for your misogynistic views otherwise you’d get the shit beat out of you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well, I DID start worshiping the father of all lies once I got to college.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The sad part is this mindset isn’t just on the internet anymore – and entire culture is growing up thinking this sort of thing is acceptable.  I know most of these guys are all talk, and the online vent for their faux misogyny keeps them from acting on their bizarre feelings, but there are always a few who forget the real world has real consequences.  Because, you know, we don’t have enough else to worry about…

    Also, +10 for the guy who threw out “obsequious”  (and -5 to Razamatraz, for “servilely”).

  14. Rio says:

    Yeah, these guys talk big shit on the internet and on video games, but in real life they would do anything to get a girlfriend.

  15. Gaunt Dusk says:


    Also win a Darwin award!

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