Can’t Fool Me!

Keep fighting the good fight, Ishamael. Kudos on not falling for his clever ruse.

“Someone remarked on my voice, which is audible on an almost daily basis on my Guild’s Mumble server. Ishamael, to my knowledge, has never heard my voice even though along with the leader of my guild I was part of a Spotlight interview on [almost a year] ago.”


“Result of report: He was gone in less than sixty seconds.

  • Brannon Sherry

    I’ve gotten reactions like this before. They used to really upset me. It was especially annoying when it was a guy who was super nice to me until he found out, and then he was worse to me than he was to anyone else. One example was a guy who went out of his way to be nice to me until he found out I was a guy, and then after that he would come to places where he knew I would be afk and stick his character’s face in my character’s crotch until I came back. He would also run up to people who were having completely normal conversations with me and announce that I was really male, only to have them say something like “…and?” 

    To be fair, I’ve met far more people who take it well than people who take it that badly. It’s still kind of disappointing when you meet someone who seems nice, and then they act like this when they find out you’re really male.

  • Mark Paterson

    “Gone in less than sixty seconds”? Man, that sounds like a rubbish film. Sorta thing somebody like Nicholas Ca- oh, hang on.

  • Anonymous

    Ah. The submitter is male?  That makes this make a bit more sense.  I was thinking it was a case of someone insisting that a woman was a prepubescent male.

  • Magic Assasin

    It’s actually very usual that males pretends to be females.
    Just look at APB reloaded

  • Anonymous

    No, the submitter is not male. I am not only female but have a voice near the 12-year-old-girl end of the scale. 

    I have been on many of the VOIP servers belonging to guilds in the game of Mortal Online, and been heard on our own Mumble server by visitors from most other guilds and the random newbies who drop by to ask questions. Ishamael, whoever he is, not only seems to focus on the least likely idea but apparently has no familiarity with the community– which still has us scratching our heads over where he came from, to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    As far as the sticking of one pixelated part into another avatar’s collision zone, in Mortal Online (the game I play as the above-named Laylah), there is full frontal nudity in-game… it’s not at all unusual for players to stick their male avatar’s virtual junk into another character’s (1st person, only) close-up point-of-view, and this regardless of the sex of the player or character.

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