Sweeten the Deal

Ignored invites? Never fear, GOH Jonny93 has an idea.

“I had just made this account and it took about 5 minutes before someone started spamming me with party invites, and eventually, this.”

GOH Jonny93

  • Anonymous

    How the hell do people find an account that has just been made? Was the person playing a game and people found them? That’s seems logical… Otherwise it doesn’t make sense… >.>

  • Anonymous

    Zach Galifinakis sure is a creeper.

  • http://profiles.google.com/etchainer Etchainer Bethune

    Admittedly, I think that’s a picture of Zach Galifianakis; it’s probably a lewd joke. (Doesn’t make it right, or better, but it is some context.)

  • Anonymous

    If you were rich and had as much free time on your hands as he does wouldn’t you want to creep on xbl too? :P

  • http://MmeMagpie.com MmeMagpie

    Would it be wrong to message back, “Sure, but only if it’s dressed up in a Santa suit and sings me Christmas carols.”

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