Irony = (sp?)^2

DMaN602‘s team beat our submitter’s in a Reach objective game.

“I have a quote from Albert Einstein in my bio that says: Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”


  • Eric Waters

    Hmmmm… Apparently, DMaN602 felt the need to personify the quote. It’s always nice to see people trying to prove Einstein right…

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why he even felt the need to bring up Einstein. It seemed like perfectly normal, mean-spirited taunting up until then…

  • Alberto Chingadazos Cortes

    wow he didnt even spell Einstein right

  • Anonymous

    And it’s double-secret ironic since DMaN602 doesn’t realize the irony.

  • sputtertoo

    Because he didn’t want to be ridiculed like GroovyLake, for not reading the submitter’s bio. At least they avoided that faux pas.

  • Anonymous

    Seems absurd to me. Usually, they just say “lolzorz u got pwned, n00b” or something sexist if they’re taunting a woman, but this guy had to bring Einstein in for some seemingly no reason whatsoever. It’s inexcusable either way, so, eh…

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