The Fame Monster

Our submitter was featured on Xbox Gamer Spotlight and received some nice and not-so-nice comments — as has been the case with several former Spotlighters whose submissions we’ve posted. DAY KILLA 97, DROPPEDbyKNIFE and cripledcamper are looking for their brush with fame… in their own twisted way.

DAY KILLA 97, DROPPEDbyKNIFE, cripledcamper

  • Dayne

    Is there a test for Tourette’s? I would hate to make fun of someone if they had an actual disease.

  • David

    ok… I get that the top message is an insult and I’m the second one I guess could be some piss poor attempt at complimenting the girl’s appearance…

    But WTF is the third guy trying to accomplish with his message?

  • Brannon Sherry

    To be fair, a lot of this strikes me as just being general internet stupidity combined with teenage hormone syndrome. That doesn’t really make it better, but it’s so typical that it’s hard to be shocked by. I’m more shocked that there weren’t 18 or more messages like these.

  • Anonymous

    So, the top guy’s message just screams, “I’m 14 years old and want attention!” The other two are just looking for some tail of course. Like every other guy on Xbox.(ª)

    (ª) May or may not be true.

  • sputtertoo

    It’s true, as a male who is rarely on Xbox live, I only go there to find some tail. Especially within Uno! That’s my go to place!

  • sputtertoo

    I will admit bevity is appreciated at times like this, makes perusing the ole inbox not seem so soul crushing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing that the submitter sent this in too soon. About an hour after submitting she got the other 18 all in one foul swoop….. :P

  • Anonymous

    Having been in the Gamer Spotlight, I don’t really understand why it continues to exist, or at least why it’s put on the dashboard. It’s like “Congrats, we’d like to honour you, and we plan to do so by focusing the XBL community in your direction with a laser-like intensity for 7 days!”

    Just trying to keep up with the flood of messages and friend requests so that your inbox doesn’t fill up is exhausting. Trying to sort the messages between “pointless and dull”, “Need to keep this so I can file a complaint”, “Whaaaa?” and the small number of messages that actually deserve a reply is an adventure.

    The weird thing is amongst the various insults, you also end up getting the people who think your job is either Xbox tech support, or handing out free trial codes. Those are the ones I just don’t get…

  • Clayton Hughes

    Actually, it would be really clever for Xbox Support to create fake identities to highlight, and then ban all of the people that felt like harassing that personality.

  • Gracie☠Oliver

    I never want to be on spot light again lol and i actually received about 6 boner pictures along with these messages

  • Gracie☠Oliver

    Oh and i actually would have 80 or more messages to go through everyday i was on spotlight…… semi annoying

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. I hope you reported them.

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