What are the social specials today?

Mr Staypuft 23 goes down his list of interaction options like they’re discussing which appetizer to share.

“My 3 messages in response were ‘hi’, ‘no thank you’, & ‘leave me alone’.”

Mr Staypuft 23

  • Anonymous

    Hm. I wonder what was redacted.  What should he be called if not “Mr. Staypuft 23″?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sleepygamer Joe ‘sleepygamer’ Wilson

    I assume that’s his phone number.

    While internet vigilante justice over XBOX Live is cool, calling him would be naughty.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jennifergleason5 Jennifer Gleason

    If all it takes to be considered pretty is be a girl then I think we need to talk to some of the other guys on this site…

  • Anonymous

    Ah! Well reasoned.

  • Anonymous

    Is he trying to convince her that she is a girl?

  • Anonymous

    A little touch of motivation.

  • Anonymous

    u r a girl u r pretty

    Did it work? Just a little scientific research. Guy might be onto something. >.<

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