The tables have turned

Blocked, you say? Nice one, KSI FEAR NUMBA1. That’ll show her.

“He got really mad and started harassing me after I wouldn’t 1v1 him after a match. Hour or 2 later he sends this to my boyfriend. I’m still waiting for the link.”


  • Jen || Gallow

    He’s another in a long time of people that just can’t help themselves; the idiocy just needs to be expressed in the most moronic ways possible for maximum embarrassment effect.

  • Rachel

    i think he means redtube.

  • Anonymous

    Mos Eisley Spaceport Xbox Live, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

  • Ranyos

    Some people are totally shameless when they are behind the safety of their Xbox.

  • Kyle Ohgodbees

    His gamerscore suggests he has been banned from Xbox Live for this before. Ooh well, his money that he is pissing down the drain. There is going to go another Live Gold subscription.

  • Mark Richards

    He did all that to her without her noticing? Says a lot bout this guy’s sexual prowess…

  • Mark Paterson

    Look sir, dumbasses!

  • Anonymous

    Look a penny! :D

  • saltimbank

    Excellent site !

  • sputtertoo

    He must be a sex ninja!

  • sputtertoo

    So they take their harassment to another level and drag someone else in to see how pathetic they are? WOW!

  • Anonymous

    What you said there….I couldn’t resist….

  • sputtertoo

    Is it bad that I giggled as I read the first def that was displayed?

  • Anonymous

    I did the same thing. 

  • sputtertoo

    Alright, just wanted to see if I was the only one ;)

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if they still do this, but back in the old days of Halo 2, you had to make a girl cry over Xbox Live in the presence of a Clan Chapter leader to get into KSI. Once I found out about this I obliterated 4 full chapters of that BS clan.

  • Chris Schwake

    First off, it’s KSI, that should be reason enough to mute and block him from the get go. Secondly: It’s KSI. I’ve met all of two people from the clan that weren’t being douche bags…

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this guy knows “wanked in my parents’ basement while they were asleep, while fantasizing about what your g/f might look like according to my mental image of her based solely on the ass-beating I just got” isn’t legally classified as “rape.”

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