No way, Cupid

Our submitter got this… bold request? Statement of intention? Celebratory announcement? Declaration of appreciation? from Abused Furby after a game of Battlefield BC 2.

Abused Furby

  • Anonymous

    I’m afraid “first date sex” is only possible when you’re going to have a first date. 

  • Anonymous

    Abused Furby: First date sex
    Abused Furby: Yes? *shakes head yes*
    GGamer: No.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to take a bold take on this and suggest he just forgot a comma. “First date, sex,” as in “First we date, then we have sex when we are both ready.” It’s still pretty presumptuous to assume that she’d go on a date with him at all, but at least he’s up for taking it slow.

  • Emran Ismail

    I wonder what would happen if she said “yes” to him??

  • Konstantinos Dimopoulos

    Ah, but what a brilliantly terrifying blog you’ve got here. So glad to have so far avoided our fine online gaming community…

  • sputtertoo

    This sounds like the first selling point for a date! If you don’t respond soon, they will message. first date I pay

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