The Demon Inside

Oh dear, now she’s done it. Help! Help! Who will save us from sgt Gr33nhorn’s avatar?

“I had this guy who started out cool and all of a sudden turned stalker. Spammed me with tons of invites. Messages, any way he could to contact me. Joined my games and would have his character just stare at mine.. or walk in front of my character and just stare.
After I removed him from my list and just stopped engaging in conversation with him, these are the messages I got.”

sgt Gr33nhorn - 1sgt Gr33nhorn - 2

  • Anonymous

    To me it looks like the avatar just came upon the realization of an unwanted bowel movement…. That’s just me though. Demon, evil, diarrhea… cool story bro?

  • Kyle Ohgodbees

    He sounds like a character out of the game, Demon’s Souls.

  • Anonymous

    Think of a man; then take away reason, and accountability: you have a guy like this, online.

  • Dayne

    Dude, it’s no one’s fault but your own; everyone knows better than to stop with a 999 in your gamerscore. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, how dare she hate her stalkers! That’s downright unamerican!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like this guy really needs an exorcism (a.k.a. a punch in the face).

  • Anonymous

    I kept the last three digits of my gamerscore at 666 for a few days. When someone noticed it and sent me a message… Shit started to get real…

  • Anonymous

    The power of Christ compels me! XD

  • Ichi Yamamoto

    Haha, this is actually hilarious. 

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