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I wrote a thing.

Big thanks to Games Editor Joe Martin for his patience and encouragement throughout the writing and editing process.

Extra special thanks to rest of the FUoS staff and all the friends of FUoS who generously gave their time, critiques and support when it was hard to put two coherent thoughts together. You guys are my sanity.

And of course, thanks to all our dedicated readers who have laughed, shared and commented on this project since the beginning. From the hilarious MST3K-like comments you provide on each post, to the submissions you send in, to telling your friends about the site so they can share their own submissions with us — your efforts keep this site running.

Mushy stuff over — feel free to discuss in the comments below.

  • fake_off

    Glad to see your disappointment that people don’t report the assholes who appear on this blog. When folks submit content to you, is your first reply to suggest they file complaints? If not, why not?

  • gtz

    We’ve mentioned before on the site that we really really want people to report harassment through proper moderating channels. In fact, I mentioned in the last Hate Mail post that we’ve changed our Submissions page to emphasize exactly that.

  • Dayne

    I didn’t see Linkin 6 Echo’s message until this article, that guy has a future in writing sci-fi/anime porn fanfic. 

    Love the article.

  • Eric S. Piotrowski

    Nice article. Good point about how they’re not all 13-year-old children. I keep sending message about “this comment suggests you’re insecure about your masculinity, and if you want to talk about it, I’m here for you”.. But on those rare occasions when I get a response, it’s usually “Go F#%@ yourself, fag!”

  • FP FP

    Just found your site via the article, depressing stuff.

    I very rarely play online because I’m a bit too thin-skinned, when I do, what is the best way to deal with witnessing harassment against others? Is it helpful to “step in” or should I just report the offender and move on? Does it make a difference if I am a male gamer and the victim is a female gamer, does stepping in at that point seem paternalistic/white-knighty? What do people think is the best way to deal with this? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely report the guy.  I would be tempted to step in, but most of these guys are only encouraged by that.  I would think that if you wanted to say something, send a private message to the victim and let her know that not everyone is a douchebag.

    I don’t often go looking for it because when I play games online, it tends to be in a party, so our chat is on a different channel from the other players.  Don’t console games have a vote-to-kick function like PC games do?

  • Bryan Girty

    Great article.   I’m male and I feel ashamed for my gender when guys harass you gals on online multiplayer.  It’s ridiculously absurde.  I can’t even fathom why anyone would do such a thing.  However, I’m glad to see that immature gamers haven’t scared off all the sane gamers out there, and this site is proof.  Keep it up!

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