Treacherous teammate

DCM502x is apparently playing a different game altogether.

“A friend and I were enjoying some Grifball on Reach. One of the randoms saw fit to betray anyone who got near the bomb. He turned out to be an awful ball carrier. I shot him a very civil message stating that it takes a certain kind of terrible player to triple betray their team off the bat for the bomb to get slaughtered and help the opposition win. His response was much more concise.”


  • Anonymous

    So original! Add that to the fact that he’s a team killer and you’ve got a real catch on your hands! Ladies! *points at DCM502x* Come and get him!


  • Jennifer Gleason

    Shit like this is why I hope these dudes get trolled and end up raging their way off of Live.

  • David

    At least he didn’t feel the need to be wordy with his response.

  • Anonymous

    I can just imagine Grif’s response to such a message, “….Dude.”

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure he was blinking away tears when he wrote this

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