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After the last message, our submitter saw no reason to continue. Besides, hellindachamber had a life to get back to.

hellindachamber - 1

“Congratulations, You just got reported! :D”

hellindachamber - 2

“Proud of it sweetie ;)”

hellindachamber - 3

“OMG what an awesome life you have! I’m so jealous! Idiot….”

hellindachamber - 4

“Don’t dish it out if you can’t handle the retort,You meant to offend. sorry but you’re not getting any sympathy from me”

hellindachamber - 5

“You used the term in a derogatory manner, you meant to offend.”

hellindachamber - 6

  • Kyle Ohgodbees

    The lying about having a baby (the being 16 was likely true) was the best part.

  • Anonymous

    “Fag – Noun 1.) A student at a British public school who is required to perform menial tasks for a student in a higher class.
    2.) A drudge.
    3.) Slang for a cigarette.
    4.) Disparaging term for a homosexual man.

    Verb 1.)To work to exhaustion; toil.
    2.) To function as the servant of another student in a British public school.”

    So which one of these did you mean to imply toward the victim of your offensive onslaught of bad grammar/punctuation-ridden rubbish?

  • Anonymous

    Does he even know what derogatory means?

  • Brannon Sherry

    I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t brag about being 16 and having a baby. 

    Also, does anyone else find it weird the way he peppers his conversation with swear words and insults? I just find it odd the way he’ll use one, and then go back to the normal tone of the conversation as if he had said “can you pass the salt, please?

  • Anonymous

    hellindachamber seems like a horribly broken person.

    The unintentional irony of him calling out the victim for being “offencive” and then immediately following it up by dropping the N-bomb staggers me like I’ve been cracked in the head by a sledgehammer.

    Also, I would’ve like to seen the reply, “How do you know what “idiot” means from where I’m from? …idiot fag.”, used.

    Also, also:
    Adverb– “I fagly went to the store.”
    Adjective–”I have a fag shirt.”
    Supporting verb– I can’t get the internet to tell me exactly what it is.  Closest I could come is a wikipedia page on auxiliary verbs, but it, like the rest of the English language under scrutiny, makes little sense to me.  I don’t enough to make a joke here.

  • Joe ‘sleepygamer’ Wilson

    I would have liked to have a conversation with him. I would have finally replied, “So, if fag is inoffensive where you come from, what about nigger? Cry harder.”

  • Jennifer Gleason

    If you’re going to discuss grammar, at least have the vocabulary down. 
    “Fag” may be an adjective, but it is derogatory. Clearly, he doesn’t understand what he’s saying, he’s just repeating whatever he hears and trying to justify it. 

    I would assume his life story is backwoods, slow, and inbred. If he has a baby coming in 4-1/2 months, but was in a coma for 6 months, how does he even know it is his? That’s some really crippling memory loss… I think his girl has some explaining to do.

  • Anonymous

    I loved the “proud of it” part, but as soon as I saw the being-16-and-expecting-a-baby response, I felt sorry for them

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha.  I didn’t assume that he meant that he just got out of his coma, but that would punch holes in his story if he meant in that way.

  • Amanda Jo Konzelman

    Um if he was in a coma for 6months…then how is it that he is having a baby in 4 1/2 months…wouldn’t that make the time of conception a month or so into his said coma?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he was raped!  Such a terrible life he lives…

  • Anonymous

    Wow to even suggest that so offhandedly is not even partly cool, like, at all.  You might want to rethink that sort of thing.

  • Anonymous

    haha this was my girlfriend having the conversation with this dude, was definitely amusing to watch and hear about :)

  • Anonymous

    I felt that the absurdity of the idea brought the use of the word into the safe side of “edgy”, but that line is still different for everyone. I’m sorry to have offended you.

    Still, I don’t feel bad for thinking the suggestion amusing, especially with others doing the math and couldn’t come to the obvious and absurd conclusion it worked out to.  Still I don’t condone it happening in real life.  I think it’s funny when Daffy get shot in the face.  But it’s not, like, at all cool for someone to actually get shot in the face.  I can make the distinction between fantasy and real life.  Unless you’ve never found humor in the misfortune of another, I’d hope you can learn to appreciate the differences too.

  • Emran Ismail

    so did this dude knock up a girl before he went into a comma??

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