The 5 Stages of Griefing

HLG Batmanz Pro presents a nearly-textbook illustration of the emotions one goes through after suffering a loss at Halo: Reach.


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“I ignored him and he said ‘I guess that’s a no’”

  • Kyle Ohgodbees

    Hahahah holy shit! This is the best rage we’ve gotten so far. Loving some of these insults and then topping it off with a Facebook request.

  • Karl Williams

    If that’s really his penis, he should probably see a doctor …

  • Courtney Nicole

    LMFAO This guy is a classic textbook psychology case

  • Anonymous

    couple things. 
    First, ”u down syndrome cunt”. I knew this was gonna be fuckin gold from here on.I never knew someone rocking an HP gamerpic could exhibit such rage.Never judge a gamer by its picture?first off, the dick needs to be like 8=====D—- yay big (or maybe that’s just me >.>).That looks less like a  mouth and more like a sad vagina. he could’ve at the least done one of those : ODICK RUN DIS MUTHA FUCKA… at least it would if his e-peen weren’t so bashful.

  • Dayne

    Congrats to this guy! He hit 9 of the 16 FUoS categories! Stellar work. 

  • Eric Waters

    Isn’t is just a bit sad when people decide to go off their Lithium?

  • Anonymous

    Awwwww… Why did you reject the guy? Can’t you see he’s a keeper? He has such charming qualities. >.>

    Also can someone say pencil dick?

  • Anonymous

    Really? That amount of rage for losing at a game? It’s not even a soccer game in Europe!

  • madscientist1991hoe

    play a real game and then talk shit I say

  • Adam Taylor

    LOL, “Got a FB?” he says… man, that’s funny…

  • Pseudopod

    Did he rip your ovaries out yet?

  • Michael Peter Golonkiewicz

    wait.. we actually have people out there that talk like this over gaming??? holy crap! i thought it was just myth… its sad and shameful.. no wonder people dis us gamers.. damn.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like he put a lot of effort into this, but his Whine Master hasn’t taught him the proper formula – remember, eight equals equals equals equals D.

    Just another sad, lonely H(D)r.

  • Anonymous

    OK, I re-read this, I think I have the math down for the third message.  The anatomy’s a little fuzzy (if the dashes have a consistent meaning), but the 8, D, parentheses, and dashes ended up in the right places.  All that’s left is the arrow from the first part, where’d it go?  From the diagram it looks like it went…no…surely not.

    Because, well, that would be a whole new twist on the “arrow in the knee” meme (and also a good way to deal with people like this?).

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