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xCxAxMxRxOxNo made a special gamertag just for our submitter.

“Nothing says targeted harassment on XboxLive like a silver account with no achievements and no friends.”


  • http://twitter.com/bare_gryllz HPhillips

    I’m guessing that this guy’s name is Camron….

  • http://twitter.com/L1keMike Mike Adebajo

    Sigh I apologise on behalf of the male species

  • Anonymous

    Behold the might NORMAC! I will shake your bacon, snort cocaine off of your body, give you a special hug and wax your car! All with my amazing Silver Account! Worship me!

  • Dayne

    I don’t even know what to say. I’d apologize, as Mike did above, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of making amends for the heinousness of this “gentleman’s” crimes against humanity. 

    Words are the worst kind of WMDs.

  • Anonymous

    But…I got to ask, why assume the poster’s gender to be one way and not the other? Women can be explicit in this kind of talk as well, you know. I bet Dawn Denbo from The L Word could’ve used lines like those, had Shane hadn’t stolen her lover Cindy… lol

  • Anonymous

    My face = O.o

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking along the same lines, too, Shad.  The avatar is female, but that might just because the poster didn’t take time to make one and just took a randomly assigned one.

  • Anonymous

    “Why assume… ”

    After all, the contents and existence of this site certainly point towards the perpetrator of any ambiguously-named harasser being female…

    Eh? What? Oh.

  • Anonymous

    That’s kind of the point, @finisterre:disqus.  Is this site trying to to put an objective (but humorous) spotlight on a real problem, or is it just trying to support the notion (even unintentionally) that it’s really only men who are terrible people online.

    Does the submitter know if the messages came from a man?  Maybe, but it’s unlikely.  FUoS doesn’t have the capability of fact-checking the gender of a harasser, yet, as you point out yourself, when FUoS makes a post, it is assumed that the harasser is male.

    Now, I’m be pretty sure that most of the harassers posted on this site are male, but I think it’s pretty dangerous to assume that any given person posted here is male.  When people assume, they stop trying to look at the big picture and they’re just gathering support for their confirmation bias.

    People in the comments assume that the harasser is male because FUoS posted the harasser’s comments here and because the harassment is of a sexual nature, which is typically thought of as coming from men.  This ignores the fact that the avatar is of a woman.  That Camron is also a girl’s name.  And that Camron didn’t mention his dick, which tends to be the centerpiece of male-based sexual harassment, especially online.

    @00shad00:disqus doesn’t deserve your sarcasm for making a light-hearted call for people to be fair.

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate your reasonable tone, Jehosephatt. Unfortunately both you and Shad are, through no fault of your own, simply lacking a vast amount of information relevant to this picture, namely the lived experience of women who encounter these attitudes more or less regularly in their online, and offline, lives. We live in a world in which low-level sexual harassment is fairly constant and something we are simply expected to understand and accept as a fact of life. This is a single, small space where we can laugh at these attacks in solidarity with others, and you feel qualified to tell us that this is wrong!?

    When you tell us not to assume that sexually aggressive or harassing posters are men – despite yourselves acknowledging that they probably are – you are failing to take into account the lives we live. You lack both the experience and the ability to empathise, yet still tell us we’re being unfair. You thereby demonstrate yet another trope that women experience on a daily basis, the male assumption of privilege in thinking that you speak objectively and in possession of all the facts, and are therefore entitled to stand in judgement.

    We all have men in our lives; fathers, partners, brothers, coworkers. We *know* what the ‘big picture’ is. As I explained, you do not. Perhaps, just maybe, you’ll make the effort to understand that this site is one much-needed expression of solidarity compared to the infinite number of spaces on the internet where dudes can be as twatty as they like. I won’t make any public assumptions either way, for now.

  • http://twitter.com/lucentbeam Lucent Beam

    The avatar is female, but it also happened to resemble my avatar and was wearing the exact same outfit mine was, and I received all these messages after I removed an annoying person from my friends list. So……. I’m going out on a limb here and making a guess.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry it has taken so long for me to reply, I didn’t get a notification for your post.

    I’m not sure I understand your point.  You seem to say that I disbelieve that women suffer constant low-level sexual harassment.  You seem to say that I feel that this site isn’t much-needed.  Neither of these things are true.

    These are the points I was trying to communicate:
    -There’s no reason to think that the harasser is male (except for statistical probability)
    -This assumption can be dangerous
    -Shad didn’t deserve a snarky response for mentioning that the harasser could be female

    My call for caution isn’t about trying tear down the work that this site does.  My intent is to help galvanize it.  I believe that this site can prove to be a powerful catalyst for a positive change in the gaming culture.  However, FUoS’s ability to do that can be severely hamstrung if there are posts which are taken out of context.  Any post which could be demonstrated to be not what it seems (like the harasser being female, or getting the other half of the conversation where the submitter is actually the instigator, et cetra) will only damage the cause.

    From my experience, most gamers think that the misogyny inappropriate, but aren’t convinced that it’s really anything more that they constantly endure.  Having a site that catalogues instances of misogyny from the male majority can serve as a powerful tool of persuasion for the undecided or unmotivated.  However, the argument only holds if the posts are truly documented instances of misogyny.  Otherwise, to the people we’re trying to convince, we just look like a bunch of whiners, just looking for a reason whine.  We show that this place hosts a culture of victimization, where people are anxious to find a new reason why they’ve got it so rough.

    This would be bad… This was the big picture I was talking about.

    There’s much more I could respond to in your last post, but I figure what I wrote here is the bottom-line and I’m thinkin’ it’s enough.

  • Anonymous

    :) Well, that’s something, at least!

  • Anonymous

    don’t kid yourself  he may be a man  but he is no gentleman

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