Saying it doesn’t make it true

Our submitter won a R6V2 match against M A N A i C A L, but assures us she still has her account.

M A N A i C A L

  • Kyle Ohgodbees

    I can’t believe how common these sort of empty threats are on Xbox Live, since everyone knows this sort of thing is virtually impossible to pull off in the way this person is explaining that it is. Plus it usually results in a permaban if you get reported. How does Live have so many retards? I never see this level of stupidity on PSN. 

  • Gabriela Alonso

    Yeah, I wouldn’t worry too much about a gut that calls ip adresses “ip”…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah because PSN doesn’t have problems with hackers…… ZING! :P

    So, this guy… Get beat, send account hack threats, feel better about pathetic excuse for a life…. Seem about right? Just throwing out my science there. Because we all know that since I say something is true and I know that there are others that do as well that it’s a proven scientific fact….. :P

  • Etchainer Bethune

    I’m surprised that enough computer illiteracy exists that people still believe this sort of threat — at least enough that people still try to use it. Knowing someone’s IP address is so meaningless for most hacking, particularly something like a 3rd-party virtual account like XBL. le sigh.

  • GiffTor

    Because PSN isn’t running for you to see it? ;) 

  • Joe ‘sleepygamer’ Wilson

    Oh noes! My external IP? You mean that thing that every goddamn website I visit ever stores, and is dynamically assigned to me by my ISP? OH DEAR GOD NO. WITH THAT INFORMATION, YOU COULD ALMOST CERTAINLY PING ME. PLEASE, I WILL DO ANYTHING, I WILL NOT INFORM THE AUTHORITIES IF YOU SPARE MY IP! MY CHILDREN USE THAT. U R SO LEET!

    I’m just kidding. I have no children.

  • Brannon Sherry

    Someone made that threat to me once online. My response was “sooo, now you’ll know what city I live in?”

  • Anonymous

    …if you really are hacking someone’s account, maybe don’t message the person with your own account and confess to what you are doing. Not that I think he actually tried to hack her, but still.

  • Anonymous

    Looking back at this one the funniest thing popped into my head. 

    “Bye and thanks for all the fish!”

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