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No, LeisurelyOrc054 did not send the picture below. But I really feel it captures the essence of the original picture XBL camera picture — improves upon it, in fact. I now really “get” his leisurely side.

Special thanks to Chicken+Ribs Combo for the horrifying artwork. I know you can’t wait to see more of what he’s capable of, so check out his (free!) total conversion zombie mod for UT2K4, Out Of Hell.

LeisurelyOrc054 - 2LeisurelyOrc054 - 1

  • Anonymous


  • Karl Williams

    At least this one is funny.  I guess he figured on being posted on FUoS

  • Anonymous

    NICE! I love it! Kinda reminds me……

  • Brannon Sherry

    Teenagers… You can’t live with ‘em, you can’t throw ‘em into the sun.

  • Anonymous

    That troll needs more Burt Reynolds Moustache

  • Dayne

    Rule 34-ed.

    What kind of socks are those? I want a pair!

  • Anonymous

    I would gladly pay for a surgery that would remove whatever the real picture looked like from the memory of the girl who received it (and anyone else).

  • Anonymous

    Do you mean that orc needs more Burt Reynolds Moustache? 


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    One of these days we’ll read a story about how a guy wound up on the sex offenders registry because of something like this. Depending on the ages and locations of the people here it might be illegal.

  • Anonymous

     Lol, dwu0601 seems to be pretty obsessed with the whole ‘sex offenders registry’ thing :P

  • Anonymous

    Based on the button colors and placement, I think that’s a SNES controller… but I’ve never seen one with that shape.

  • Anonymous

    @zarggg:disqus  He splurged and got the ergonomic extenders – don’t want to get a repetitive motion injury from, um, that.
    I guess part of “aiming to please” doesn’t include a kindergartner’s grasp of the English language…his teachers would be appalled.  That might be a fitting “punishment” for this guy – take those messages and picture, deliver them to his parents or school, and have him stand in front of the class, read the messages to the whole room…and then explain why he can spell “anatomy,” “please,” and “answer,” but not “dnt,” “nvr,” or “thts.”

  • ovulationsigns

    he’s like a gremlin :)

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