Pathetic Schtick

Well, on the bright side, it sounds like HookNasty73 has some friends hanging out in the background.

  • Stephanie Michelle

    He sounds like that pimple faced Niel kid from Family Guy.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly he doesn’t give a shit.  I love how he snuck in one last “vagina”. These last two post are fuckin killin it

  • Anonymous

    I miss the Old Testament God.  He probably would’ve smited this person by now.

  • James

    Sounds like Ed Bassmaster’s laugh

  • Anonymous

    I love the setup of this video. Props to @ladyinsanity:twitter  on this. 

    My favorite parts, “My God have mercy on your poor soul.” and a finisher of “Cool story bro.”

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why he’d feel the need to call the friend a “fat dyke” in the first place… Well that reminds me, Pride week’s coming up soon! :)

  • Anonymous

    The unfortunate thing is that this individual will probably spawn some offspring who will no doubt perpetuate his misogynistic attitudes.

  • Tom Q Cusic


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