Downright Pastoral

Keats. Byron. TWO P3RK BURKE.

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  • Anonymous

    “Hey yo, bitch! Do’ yo’ pussy stank or smell good like roses? And I say eh, if I eat your pussy can I fuck you in the butt? And if you say no, I don’t give a fuck.” 

    Had to listen to it a few times. Ahhh poetry of today. So loving it makes me want to go out and find a young lady of my own to lull with said poetry…. >.>

  • Anonymous

    Haha!  It’s a sign of insecurity if someone pre-emptively tells another than they don’t care if they get rejected.

  • Anonymous

    When they say poetry is the way to a woman’s heart, I don’t think they mean THAT kind of poetry.

  • connor walsh

    Well, it was more eloquent than most on this site have put it.

  • Anonymous

    If hes trying to rap then hes doing a bad job at it. If this is how he actually talks well then I think his stupidity is the least of his problems.

  • Anonymous

    He was performing a sonnet….because we all know….

  • Anonymous

    Lol, this one is pretty creative, haha. At first I wasn’t sure if gtz was trying to create a haiku in the commentary up there…


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