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IrateBag demonstrates a smooth technique for chatting up the ladies… pretend you’ve already been talking.

“I RANDOMLY got the message “alright babe” and responded by saying “I beg your pardon” and it went from there. I don’t even know what picture he was talking about… it was all just a random encounter.”


  • Mark Paterson

    Might have been referring to the submitter’s gamerpic. Unless of course, the submitter had drawn a picture of their self in their bio space using ASCII art. Obviously.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm….. His Gamertag is interesting. IrateBag…. Looks like I rate bag. Like bag as in sack? *chuckle*

  • Eric Waters

    You know what I want to see? I want to see a web site dedicated to all the success stories that have motivated gamers to continue using this technique to find girlfriends.

    I mean, they keep doing it, so it has to have a high success rate, right?

    On a related note, can there be another website dedicated to the replacement of words with letters and how romantic and clever that makes you sound?

    Do I have to put sarcasm tags on this post, or are we all on the same page here? ;-)

  • Dayne

    Proper tidy sounds like a compliment to me. I mean no one wants to be called a hot mess, so proper tidy is like the exact opposite, right? 

  • Joe ‘sleepygamer’ Wilson

    Proper tidy is a very English “compliment”. Chavs generally use it to try and get girls to drop their panties, not too long after they buy them something sticky, colourful, and full of vodka.

    England isn’t all class, you know.

  • connor walsh

    This bloke is a proper geezer, giving it the blarney an all that.

    Being British, I can instantly discern fellow british blokes.

  • Anonymous

    “Irate” actually means “angry”, so he is an “Angry Bag.”

    His “bag” is probably angry because it’s not getting enough “attention”, if you know what I mean.

  • Anonymous

    “I mean, they keep doing it, so it has to have a high success rate, right?”

    I think it’s more of a spray and pray tactic.  One would tell as many girls as they can that that they’re horny and eventually they find a girl who’s willing to have sex with them… or at least get on the cam.

    What disappoints me is that the tactic is successful enough that people continue it.  It’s pretty degrading for our species as a whole.

  • Joe ‘sleepygamer’ Wilson


  • Anonymous
  • Joe Newman

    Reminded me of the In-betweeners haha

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