How to handle jerks… the classy way

“I stumbled into this lobby of upstanding citizens. Sounds like she knows how to handle herself.”

What I like about this video is that the woman defends herself without resorting to derogatory language. Well done.

  • Edward Hernandez

     I love it when people go play objective type games, lose, and then get all upset and “WELL MY K/D IS BETTER HARHAR”.  Well you’re playing tdm in domination I would hope it’s amazing.

  • Anonymous

     I agree with @facebook-538450073:disqus  here. If you wanted to play tdm, go play tdm. You’re playing an objective game. If you win, it’s because of teamwork, not because one person is carrying the team.(which I’m sure it can happen :P) Get over it…you lost. 

  • fake_off

    So many reasons not to play this game. Monday Night Combat is funner with a better community anyway.

  • Courtney Nicole

     Oh how I love ignorant guys. Do they realize how stupid they sound sometimes? lol Shame you can’t see their gamertags

  • Anonymous

     I’ve used that line so many times. “Come back and talk to me after you’ve actually won a match.” lulzzzz

  • Zachary Russell

    It’s always people who lose who talk about their skill. *sigh*

  • Anonymous

    This was really uncomfortable more than anything. it was drawn out and i just found it generally unfunny

  • Anonymous

    She did a good job of defending herself without sinking to their level, but they still couldn’t see what idiots they were being.  That’s why I do my best to just ignore jackasses on Xbox Live.  No matter what I say, they aren’t going to see the error of their ways.  If I can’t get them to shut up or atleast shrink down their ego a bit, I just get angry, and I don’t want to give them the satisfaction of making me mad.

  • Krista Roscovius

    Honestly, if that was being said to be I’d be doing nothing but laughing hysterically, followed by an, “-HAHAHAHA…’re cute :)”. Yes, WITH the smilie face.

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