Ah yes… I remember you

If our readers remember correctly, ReloadedFurDay has been showcased once before on our site before here. Lesson never learned!


  • Anonymous

    I wonder if he’s still looking for that hot girl he met on UNO…

  • Anonymous

    There is a time where you just have to give up.

  • http://twitter.com/postfremenist mélange à treides

     You have to admit that exchanging pics for a Cylon Raider is a pretty fucking sweet deal! ‘Scuse me while I grab my webcam.

  • Anonymous

    How are there so many repeat offenders on this site?  It seems like there should be so many assholes on Live that it would be remarkable to run into the same asshole, but it has happened several times here.  It is really just a small, dedicated group of misogynists committed to making XBL a hostile place?  …Now I’m picturing them as some kind of dickish A-Team, each member specializing in a unique way to make the world a worse place…

    Anyways, this all seems like it should be statistically unusual.  

  • http://anex-unnecessaryblogage.blogspot.com/ Anex

    It’s one of the mysteries of xbox live. 

  • Anonymous

    Even the phrase beating a dead cat doesn’t serve this boy justice

  • http://www.facebook.com/sleepygamer Joe ‘sleepygamer’ Wilson

    Pics or it didn… oh wait.

    You win this time, FUoS… you win this time.

  • Anonymous

    Also shouldn’t he have a pimp if he is selling himself like that?

  • http://twitter.com/JustPlainTweets Katie Schenkel

    “I can draw some awesome rainbows. How much will you pay me?”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hailey-Takeda/100002302873349 Hailey Takeda

    “Tell ya what for some microsoft points i’ll send you some porn from the internet and say its me” 

  • Anonymous

    Do you mean beating a dead horse? I’ve never heard of this beating a dead cat…. It seems mean enough to beat any kind of animal. I would rather beat idiots like the one above…. 

  • http://fakeagainstthemachine.tumblr.com fake_off

    Why has this jackhole not been perma-banned from XBL yet?

  • Anonymous

    Because he hasn’t been caught by the right person. :P There is very little that we as gamers have over other gamers. It’s a poor system but it keeps the wrong people (it seems to me that ReloadedFurDay would be that sort of fellow) from abusing it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1082943719 Sean Mathews

    After reading some of these posts, it could be that they are trying their hands at trolling.  However, fail trolling is still fail.

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