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Our submitter was in a few gaming-related youtube videos, so ShortDeniedHalo decided to follow up with an important question. I’m still wondering how you get put on the Boob Transplant Waiting List.


  • mélange à treides

    “vajj” makes it sound so exotic.

  • Anex

    I need to be on the boob transplant waiting list… where do I sign up?!

  • Dayne

    I am wondering who the donors are?

    They really don’t matter to some guys. SOME being the key word there.

  • Dayne

    How does one lose their vajj?

  • Michael Walker

    Or is the ‘lose’ something that ShortDeniedHalo sees, and he’s calling the submitter a vajj?

  • Anonymous

    Is the recipient of this message going around posting pictures of herself or something? Is she playing UNO with a cam? Those are the questions to be asking here. If so what is her gamertag….. I kid I kid :P

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure the poorly educated young gentleman meant “loose”.

  • Dayne

    Oh, that’s a far better insult.

  • Anonymous

    I shutter to think of the average xbox live or ps3 gamer playing naked. I won’t want that victory photo after winning burnout

  • Anonymous

    Oh I second your shutter. I would like to keep my eyesight thank you.

  • William Clarke

    Personally, I’d shudder.

  • Anonymous

    Nice catch. I just copied what he wrote without thinking. :P

  • Katie Schenkel

    “Yes, I did get a boob transplant. A kind porn star died in a freak sex accident and was generous enough to donate her boobs to me.”


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