Chemical Warfare

I don’t even wanna know what SILENTSTORM301 has in mind if the recipient responds in the affirmative.


  • MmeMagpie

    SILENTSTORM: Master of the SBD?

  • Anex

    Isn’t that biological warfare? :p

  • Anex

    That’s Johnny Cage, Ninja Mime ;D

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even know where to go with this one. I believe that farting is a natural occurring process that your body has to do in order to expel gases. Ummmm….yeah. This question might not be the best pick up line I would choose to use. Kinda like a certain toenail polish fetish I remember from somewhere……

  • Anonymous

    Well this is a break from the norm.

  • Dayne

    FUoS people, don’t even pretend like you don’t enjoy a nice dutch oven every now and again.

  • Anex

    LMAO wtf is a “dutch oven”?! The name cracks me up though.. I just may have to look it up, but I’m afraid at what I’ll find O_o

  • Anonymous

    A dutch oven you say? It’s like a portable oven right? Ohhh….I got you….

  • Anonymous

    The sad things is, I have actually heard of this fetish… it is some gross stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Is a dutch oven really a fetish? I thought it was more of a prank

  • Dayne

    You’re kidding right? Maybe this is some sort of Midwest only thing; it has other names in different regions?

  • Dayne

    Yes… I can see the light bulb turning on. I had faith that you would sort it out.

  • Anonymous

    Ahem…yes quite.

  • Katie Schenkel

    “DO I!” :D

  • Rhiannon Claire Rowland

     AH. I got this message…. And replied as a joke saying i love it. And went along with it believing it was a joke. I soon found out it wasn’t ]: Silly me.

  • Hailey Takeda

    Silly guy everyone knows girls don’t fart or use the bathroom 

  • Nikki Henson

    The guy messaged me the exact same message! Wow :/

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