Join me for afternoon tea

KirkAlert911 is looking to get a group of like-minded folks together for a small gathering. A teabag party, if you will.
I was playing Grifball with some friends, and after we beat his team 3 to 1, I get this lovely message. And he apparently created a custom Reach map named “CMEN’S ROAD”. Very clever.


  • Anonymous

    Haha! KrikAlert is very progressive to ask a lady to go teabagging.

  • Anonymous

    Oh how I do like to have a tea party. Get a few sophisticated people together for a intellectual conver……oh….wait…not that kind of teabag.

  • mélange à treides

    maybe he just wants you to go to a Republican-funded protest and get your Angry White People Bemoaning Their Loss Of Privilege on.

  • Kyle Ohgodbees

    I love tea! And to have it with other people, just not the kind that Kirkalert is talking about. :(

  • Lucan Monks

    I think, in his own way, he’s asking to be friends… this shows progress, as opposed to just calling you a slag and leaving it. :P

  • Katie Schenkel

    I’ve been a loyal user of for forever, so seeing Grifball makes me happy… seeing what the guy wrote during Grifball makes me sad. :(

  • PaleOrchid

    Today, I have learned another meaning of ‘teabag’ thanks to KirkAlert. Not knowing what he meant, I googled the word in the image section. Then, some funny pictures showed up. I understood what he wanted to do, but the question is why he wanted to do it.

  • Anonymous

    In competitive online games (where dead bodies of other players persist a while in the world and players have the ability to crouch) players will demonstrate their dominance and disrespect to defeated players by repeatedly crouching and standing over the head of their corpse. This is called teabagging, because I suppose it kinda looks like it, if you use your imagination. I think most people find it more humorous than they find it offensive. It’s pretty ubiquitous, particularly in Halo.

    I’ve actually been teabagged in Carcassone, which was hilarious, creative, and unexpected.

  • PaleOrchid

    Thank you for your reply. :)

    Yes. I have seen it. You reminded me that I had actually been teabagged when I was playing God Father 2 online. Although at that time I did not know that it was the thing called teabagging, I knew I was being mocked for being defeated. I was not offended, however. I found those players playful rather than rude.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, in violent competitive games, that kind of stuff ends up being part of the fun that everyone is having.

    I think a prime example of how it would tick someone off is in an MMO, where a player is going about their own business, when another player ambushes the first. So now the first player is already upset because they’re interrupted and in a fight they didn’t want to be in. Being caught off guard makes the fight that much harder. So when the player dies in the ambush, the inconvenience of it all is multiplied and a whole lot of time and effort was probably lost. And then the ambusher literally (in a virtual sense) adds insult to injury by teabagging the dead player.

  • Emran Ismail

    “Cmen’d road’ that’s really funny and clever

  • Kirk Harrison

    im kirkalert911 i remember  that lol who want 2 b tbagging budds

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