Combo Pack #3 – Brief Flirtations

L A KoBeSWAG24, L0RD ACHILLES, IKrahKii and Rezetro all strike me as people of few words.


  • Anonymous

    #1 You want this woman to grow a pair of what exactly? I’m sure she has bigger “balls” than you do.
    #2 No Athena I’m sure this person doesn’t “wann4 fuck”.
    #3 There’s that word again. So degrading and hurtful.
    #4 Is that supposed to be an insult?

    #All No grammar or punctuation in any of them. >.< No wonder people aren't getting any more intelligent. It seems most can't string a single sentence together. I've always found that a carefully worded sentence is more of an insult than one that is filled with grammar mistakes and no punctuation. What is the world coming to?

  • Anonymous

    1. Right after you, buddy.
    2. What was the point in the “4″? It was obviously deliberate, so does he thinks it’s cooler that way? Is it supposed to increase his chances of getting a “yes”? Whatever the reason, any sane woman will give him a “NO!”
    3. If some said that to me, I would be SO devastated. How could anyone POSSIBLY recover from such a witty insult?
    4. Please.

  • Anonymous

    Short simple and to the point. Just like their intelligence.

  • PaleOrchid

    I suppose they are very young. Perhaps, they, having learned those words recently, cannot resist using them everytime they see a woman. Somebody needs to tell them that they will never impress women by using vulgar words.

  • Anonymous

    Really? I thought women were impressed by an expanded vocabulary. Maybe that’s why they slap me in the face so much…

  • Anonymous

    There are many ways to “expand” your vocabulary. The one mentioned above isn’t the most effective way to impress people. :P Maybe if said person learned more elaborate words it would be more impressive. Hell, even if they learned longer words it would impress most people. These 4 letter words aren’t going to cut it. :P

  • GiffTor

    Not ENTIRELY SFW, but #1 immediately made me think of this as a perfect shirt for F/U/S staff and harassed female gamers everywhere.

  • Kayla Stalnaker

    Hey I was recipient #1…

  • Emran Ismail

    Rezetro’s comment me LOL

  • Anonymous

    They’ve no real intelligence to form sentences or use their words

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