footwarmer14 was called out for trolling on the Xbox forums, and evidently felt compelled to continue the discussion in private.


  • Kelly Kelley

    Looks like he hit every branch on the UGLY Tree. . .ouch.

  • GiffTor

    Holy extinct Pleistocene member of the Homo genus, Batman! Was this guy’s IP address from anywhere in the Neander valley, by chance?

  • Mark Paterson

    More like every branch on the ugly tree hit him.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a reasonable chance that footwarmer’s avatar picture isn’t a picture of himself– he may have found it on the internet and thought it would be funny to use it.

  • Katie Schenkel

    You know, when I was in high school, a really nasty girl tried to make me feel bad by saying, “Well, you’ve never seen a guy’s dick and I have!” My response was, “And that makes you better than me, how?”

    I am reminded of that moment now.

  • Anex

    Even as a straight woman, it’s not exactly a pretty sight either. No idea why she was bragging >.>

  • Anonymous

    I think this guy actually has a point. The individual who called him out on his forum trolling is obviously far more mature and intelligent than him. Therefore, the blood in said person’s body, in order to support such brain power, must spend more time in the person’s skull rather than… elsewhere.

    Or possibly, and most likely, footwarmer simply possesses the same amount of intellect as his namesake.

  • Anonymous

    That’s such an insult. He really told this person did he not?

  • Jennifer Gleason

    yeah but it just adds to the terrible irony

  • Anonymous

    Or he might’ve chosen it because he wants people to think that’s what he actually looks like, when in reality the guy in the picture is far more handsome the he is.

  • Anonymous

    Haha! I really should be ashamed of my body!

  • Anonymous

    Ok really, I had to. Message sent 8:35 AM PST on todays date:

    I recently noted that on that you attempted to insult someone by noting that they haven’t slept with a female. It seems to me that you suffer from being insecure. I’m here if you would like to talk about it.

    Edit: Also….I’ve seen some freaky things but this doesn’t help his cause….

  • Brannon Sherry

    Did anyone else notice how much he looks like Jim Carrey’s character from Dumb and Dumber?

  • sputtertoo

    Yeah definitely a part of the anatomy that is just there for functionality, not really aesthetics.

  • Nozomi

    Oh god. His face. So heinous. Regardless of it really being him or not, I still find it hilarious.

  • Joe Aloys Lutovsky

    I submitted this! :D I wrote a blog post about this the day it happened.

    Thanks for publishing this FUoS!

  • Anonymous

    Despite how hard I laughed to see someone’s face described as heinous, I think the intention of this site is to aim higher than that. I mean, “ugly” is one of the three jeers this site uses to summarize all the misogynistic insults. I think the point of this site would be undercut if the community here just slings back the same words back onto the trolls.

  • Joe Aloys Lutovsky

    Also, that is not his face. He wasn’t on my friends list or anything, meaning I wouldn’t be able to see an actual picture of him. It’s just a random gamer picture he found somewhere…

  • Emran Ismail

    she’ll get more pussy than you

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