I guess this makes me Principal Skinner?

Hell Fire DEM0N was paired up on Halo: Reach with our (male) submitter. I read these, and this is all I hear.

Hell Fire DEM0N - 1

Hell Fire DEM0N - 2

  • http://twitter.com/jennnmarshall jennifer marshall

    You’ve seen the original, yeah? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaEC-lWSlmI&NR=1

  • Anonymous

    Somehow I don’t doubt that DEM0N knew he was talking to a guy.

  • Anonymous

    I guess this act is over. *dodges flying tomato*

  • http://koszler.net/author/Jonkarra/ Jonkarra

    Arg I really do despare at the behaviour of some guys :( Its like they have lost all sense of decency especially when talking online :(

  • Anonymous

    Wait, did he just admit to being better at being the recipient of anal sex than her?

  • http://twitter.com/SodapopGatts Jen

    I’m pretty sure only preteens say dingaling….Wait, I’m not sure they would even call it a dingaling.

  • Anonymous

    First time I heard that word was an old song on a Vinyl Record.


    My Ding-a-ling by Chuck Berry


  • http://twitter.com/JustPlainTweets Katie Schenkel

    I love the lack of correlation between the two messages. “I’M SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU!… WHICH IS WHY I WILL HAVE SEX WITH YOU! IT MAKES SENSE!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/dianamcqueen Diana Cameron McQueen

    One of these makes the other untrue. Can you guess which?

  • Anonymous

    This person isn’t straight, correct? (the gamerpic looks like an LGBT button to me) Maybe…some people like it ‘rough’. The recipient probably didn’t share that though.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly.  We finally have a guy who admits all these “super macho” gamer guys want is another guy to have “butt sex” with.  A refreshing moment of honesty from the gaming community…

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