GAMER-BABE-69 thought she’d found the perfect girl, until she saw our submitter’s trophies.


  • jennifer marshall

    Wooooow. Scanners reading off-the-charts creepy weirdness, captain.

  • Anex

    She’s clearly staking her claim for man in the relationship.

  • Darren Harris ✔

    Probably one of those ‘dudes’ from Singapore that pretend to be female, usually aged around 14-15, sitting in their bedroom seeing who they can sucker into getting off with their characters in games.

  • Ranyos

    Pretty sure that’s a gender confused tween.

  • Anonymous

    that’s RIGHT. Mafia 2 ISN’T for women! what was she thinking?! Call of duty home edition is more like it

  • Anonymous

    Gamer “babe”? More like Overweight-gamer-guy-in-a-mid-life-crisis.


  • Brannon Sherry

    I don’t think GAMER-BABE-69 is a girl. In my experience, almost no woman has a poor enough understanding of how to talk to other women to talk to one like this, even if she is a lesbian. This is probably one of those guys who plays games as a girl because they think that it’s a good way to make women interested in them (I’m confused by that mindset).

  • Anex

    Yeah I really doubt it as well.. but ya never know O_o

  • Jess Berry

    Because acting like sluts is what women SHOULD be doing! Not gaming!

    Someone should tell her that women can vote and drive cars too now

  • Anonymous

    If that’s a lesbian pickup line, I guess I’m going to a gay bar tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Vote and drive cars? Blasphemy. I means its not like there was a constitutional amendment that said so. :)

  • Emran Ismail

    wow I didn’t know lesbos didn’t let other Lesbos play Mafia 2??

  • Ryan Juel

    I’m sorry, but this just screams, “wait, whut?” This one’s definitely not a chick if it’s (yes, I’m going gender neutral on this one) going out of it’s way to overtly state that fact. Yeesh, creepy…

  • Anonymous

    I feel the same way. My optimism wants me to think that no one could be like that, but my pessimism tells me that they have to exist somewhere.

  • Anonymous

    “Horny toads Batman! I don’t think this woman is a woman at all!”

    “You have to watch out Robin. There are some sick twisted people out there.”

  • Anonymous

    personally, I think this poster has the potential to be cast as “Dawn Denbo” on The L Word. :P

  • Anonymous

    So, you’re (pretending to be?) a woman, playing a game that “aint for women,” and criticising others for doing the same…yup, sounds about right for online logic.

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