I fear the irony is lost on him

Oh, Zanderbar. Good try, buddy. Real good try. You’ll get ‘em next time, champ.

“The first time I ever used the mic on Call of Duty and this is what I get.”


  • Anonymous

    I like how he misspelled stupid. XD

  • http://twitter.com/PMSGallow Jen || Gallow

    It seems since he used the letter ‘U’ in place of the actual word, stupidity is his favorite and he couldn’t part with it as using ‘I’ would be considered a dirty affair and he’s a monogamist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Happyhansha Brannon Sherry

    Lol “Hello? Oh hi Pot! Oh, what’s that? Oh, it’s for you Kettle.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/youhorror Brittany Leigh Brown


  • Anonymous

    Stupe Definition:

    A hot, wet, often medicated cloth used as a compress.

    Stuped being the past form of the act of someone using a stupe on a person.

    So him saying that she is a stuped bitch might mean that she is a bitch(still an insult) that has recently been wounded and has had a field medic attend said wounds.

    Just my take on it….

  • Anonymous

    This post is so stupid I have no prepared sarcastic remark. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    LOL some people are sooooo funny when they’re trying to be mean! XD

  • Anonymous

    LOL Some people are soooooo funny when they’re trying to be mean and failing! XD (Zanderbar life lesson for you there) ROFLMAO! :D

  • Anonymous

    Lol….. I wonder if I’m the only one that feels like sending him a priv message of my own……………..

    Hmm as good as this site is, it as the potential to be a ‘list-of-people-to-harass-until-they-/quit-site’…..mind you I don’t think this sort of scum would be missed :) 

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