Don’t hate me cause I’m naughty…

Hmmm…no, not for being naughty, spartanmaster35, but perhaps for your atrocious grammar…


  • Anonymous

    Dude he looks like a winner. you should totes hit that

  • Jen || Gallow

    If only stupidity was a valid reason to issue an arrest warrant. Hmm, the streets (read: everywhere) would be mighty deserted if it were. I vote this guy be the first /criminal/ taken in. He can share a cell with Palin.

  • Anonymous

    Again with the horrible grammar! The “b” that you used isn’t even in the right tense! I can’t even finish out the sentence in my head! “u (wtf? Another one?) wont (um….it’s called an apostrophe! Use it!) me (omg first correct word) for (omg another one) b (and that’s where it stops. I can’t even process how idiotic this guy sounds!)

    It’s like my mind doesn’t want to process so many grammar errors all at once. >.<

    Okay….rant over….I promise.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like a ‘i want to sex you up! …wait… are you a girl?’

    I want to see this guy at a bar. XD

  • Anonymous

    I did like that he was hitting on the person before even confirming the gender. Kudos for enthusiasm!

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