Maybe we should call it “Wangman”

“I was playing Gears of War Wingman. Game started and I instantly got the first message. I kill him and his buddy with a blindfire mortar instead of replying and he decided I needed more information…”

Thanks for the heads up, WestPimpzide!


  • Robin Blanchard

    Hope you have a big juicy hand to match it, because clearly no one else is ever getting near that thing. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Come now. “Muah”? Is that the best you can come up with?

    I would love to know exactly what the person who submitted this was thinking at the time. As well as after the kill. Hahaha

  • Jen || Gallow

    I can’t help but wonder if juicy means there’s something /wrong/ because, generally, a person doesn’t want things squealshing in his pants. I’d refer him to a good doctor and wish him luck with

  • Anonymous

    “Who cares? You act as if that’s something special.”

  • Darren Harris ✔

    A great response would’ve been, “Well I hope you play better with that than the game!” and let the rage commence. ¬_¬

  • Anonymous

    “muah?” what is he an evil villain?

  • Anonymous

    If I had such an issue, last thing I would do is advertise.

  • Isabel

    I’m worried as to why his dick is juicy… Just creepy.

  • Maverynthia

    Kinda makes me want an XBox or something so I can have getting these comments and reporting them :3 Just so I can see them on “” xD

  • Anonymous

    Juicy!? Perhaps someone should give him the phone number of a doctor! o.o

  • Anonymous


  • Kayla Stalnaker

    This is actually my submission! At first I was like, “Uhm ok creepy” and then I was like “Uhm ok Creepier”

  • Anonymous

    OMFG!! This is so crazy!! I got on this site just for shyts and giggles because a friend recommended it to me…..I figured yea, MAYBE I’d see someone I had known on here and low and behold, of course it just HAD to be him!! He is like PSYCHO creepy peoples!! He was harassing me so I blocked and reported him. He made a new account and started leaving me messages threatening to hack my account if I didn’t unblock him and add him to my friend’s list. Then I blocked and reported that one too. He then proceeded to make yet ANOTHER account and this time he said he had my IP and started threatening that he was gonna track me down and COME TO MY HOUSE!! WTF!! I ended up calling XBL and Microsoft and they assured me that they’d deal with him. Way to go Microsoft……I TOLD YOU SO!!

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