Do you wanna date my avatar

dkiller169 takes avatars very seriously as a reflection of reality. That’s why his is of a brooding arsonist.

“This strange one apparently found something sexually appealing within the basic, one-eyed, androgynous hairstyled avatar that I’d chosen.”


Do You Wanna Date My Avatar [feat. Felicia Day]

  • Anonymous

    Again with the “ur”?! It has two different meanings in this sentence! It just grinds my nerves. >.< *whew*

    Okay, rant is over. Why exactly is his avatar staring down at the fire? Did he just push someone into it?

  • Anex

    For some it doesn’t take much I guess..

  • Anonymous

    This is either a strange sexual advance or a poorly worded insult. Neither of which makes this guy any better.

  • Anonymous

    OH! I know! He’s looking at the fire because he knows that’s where he is going if he continues on the path that he’s on! xD

    I’m just kidding people….Don’t throw a fit. It’s called a “joke”.

  • Roxy

    Looks like he burnt his ramen and is looking upon it sadly.

  • Anonymous

    Poor Ramen. Having to put up with a guy like this AND be burnt to a crisp.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe cyclops women are hs thing.

    With one eye objects appear larger than they seem……

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