Do you have a pricelist?

Our submitter took this picture a long time ago and unfortunately didn’t capture the gamertag. It’s too bad, maybe someone else could have taken them up on the offer.


  • Anex

    Oh my.

  • Anonymous

    1500 what is that like $20 or so?

  • Anonymous

    I think he started too high. He obviously knows nothing about negotiation

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused, is he offering his moan or asking for one?

  • Sarah Gordon

    I wonder who gets the other 100 ms points…

  • Jess Berry

    Does a bowel movement count as a moan worth of 1500MP?

  • Michael Walker

    He’s pretty pathetic… I can get moans for free.

  • Robin Blanchard

    You think for that price, he would ask for more. ;)

  • David

    I would’ve been tempted to take him up on the offer just to see how he was going to be able to give 1,500 MS Points when the cards come in 1,600.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…so this guy here wants one 5 second sound clip sent to him for less than $20? Times have fallen hard on this young lad(I’m guessing young anyways >.>). Can’t even find some sort of substitute? I’m sure there are sex lines for cheaper…

  • Anonymous

    That’s totally worth it.

  • Jen

    So, where does he shop? I’ve never seen 1500 points cards.

  • Anonymous

    He can’t just go watch porn?

  • Jen

    He could, but think of the poor girl who’d be missing out on those Microsoft points. lol

  • Anonymous

    Poor girl trying to make a living….so sad. xD

  • Anonymous

    He didn’t specify what part of the body the ‘moan’ had to come from…

  • miss world

    only if the points come first

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