Announcing comment badges! (And a few other changes)

You may have noticed a few changes to the comment section. One of the biggest things is that we’ve turned off comment nesting. Nesting is handy to easily see who’s replying to whom, but with the kind of passionate debate we get here, comments eventually end up scrunched to the right and hard to read. You can still reply to comments, and when you do, there will be a little “reply to John Smith” link at the bottom of your comment. We hope this will make things easier to read.

We’ve also added badges on comments. Right now, the bulk of you will have the controller badge. Staff members have our lovely Doris, and friends of the site have sammiches. Trolls, on the other hand, will be marked as such, and we’ve grayed out their comment text. You can still read it if you want, but we wanted to reduce their impact on the site. These badges will be handed out at our discretion; please don’t try to ask for them for yourselves or for others.

Doris- FuoS staff member sandwich - friend of FuoS controller - visitor troll troll troll

We’re still exploring what we can do with the badge system, so stay tuned for future awesome. If you have any questions about the comment system, we’ve helpfully provided a discussion area right below!

  • Anonymous


  • randallwong

    Sammich or troll… hmmm hard decision to choose which one I want!

  • gtz

    postin’ ITT to show off Doris badge


  • Jon Rosebaugh

    What part of “don’t try to ask” don’t you understand, randy?

  • Erin Tucciarone


  • fake_off

    Good call.

  • Anonymous

    suckit, haters

  • Darren Harris ✔

    Mmmm, sammiches… Can’t see them when logged into Disqus though!

  • Anonymous

    Why are there three different troll badges? Is it suppose to indicate severity of trollishness?

  • Anonymous

    nah, just couldn’t pick which was our favorite color! YAY rainbow troll army.

  • Ben Paddon

    I do like the idea of the troll hair indicating severity of trollishless, but then that might encourage trolls to up their game (which, if the trolling you get is anything like the emails I receive, would actually be something of a relief).

  • gtz


  • Rachel

    Awe, the trolls are kinda cute.

  • Ian Jankowski

    I like the sandwich personally.

  • David

    Very cool. It’s a nice way to identify people when quickly scanning the comments.

  • Anonymous

    I like this idea of color-coated troll badges. Trolling Alert levels Blue, Yellow, and Red.

    Blue: Likes to see his own posts, likes to kick up a little dust now and again, posts for no apparent reason, doesn’t know what (s)he’s doing really.

    Yellow: Knows a little about trolling, knows how to copy and paste from Wiki(or other internet sources(not saying everyone who does this is a troll>.<)), likes to get rises out of people.

    Red: Battle hardened Troll that knows no bounds, constant trolling of multiple sites has changed his diet from Cheetos to small children's souls, harasses people just because he can, arguing with them reaps no favorable outcome.

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea you could even comment. I’m not very observant.

  • Courtney Lockheart

    Lol The color-coated trolls are awesome

  • Daniela Lao

    Love the new comment layout. Also, I want Doris with a faux hawk, her wicked sister perhaps. I know this can be done :)

  • Anonymous

    Haha. I missed that the first time around.

  • Jon Rosebaugh

    No. You get a sammiches. :P

  • Anonymous

    I did notice the other day (yesterday? It’s all a blur…)! At first I was kind of annoyed that the comments weren’t nested, but I very quickly got over it when I realized how much easier (less scrolling for the three-page comments that are reduced to two words a line) it would be to read the previously-squished comments. I’m very thankful for the explanation of the icons as well. I figured out that the Doris was for staff, but everyone just had a controller when I saw it.

    How do you become a “friend of the site?”

  • Anonymous

    In order to become a “Friend of the Site” you have to first be invited by one of the staff members to take part in the “Special Initiation Ritual”. In which you must go on a quest to find various legendary items. Legendary items of past rituals(in which I would be forbidden to post if I had already gone through the ritual myself) have been two and a half hairs off of a Vatican assassin warlock, Firefly Cosplay pictures that don’t suck, and a T-Rex rib bone stolen from a museum in New York city. I can’t say if your quest will be easy or difficult as it varies for each person.

  • Jon Rosebaugh

    Be someone we personally know, basically.

  • Jon Rosebaugh

    Ever since the Third Council of Geneva in 1972, the Vatican only uses ninja warlocks, not assassin warlocks. Get your information straight, Onyx.

  • Anonymous

    YEAH GOD DAMMIT. the vatican takes that shit SURIOUSLY

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh but there is still one….that’s why it’s a Legendary item….

  • Crystal

    I am incapable of reading posts before commenting. (Edited by site staff.)

  • Anex

    They are cute… but the sandwiches make me hungry D:

  • Anonymous

    Good….I thought I was the only one.

  • Brannon Sherry

    Awww but the trolls are so cute! I don’t wanna be mean to get one though…

  • Josh Seipp-Williams

    This site is awesome, and depressing. I had no idea my fellow males were such enormous assholes =/

  • chaseruyle


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