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I Guess He Thinks I’m Sexy? | Fat, Ugly or Slutty

I Guess He Thinks I’m Sexy?

furbswad isn’t at all discreet about his intentions. Too bad he didn’t read the book “How NOT to be a creeper 101”.


530 Responses to I Guess He Thinks I’m Sexy?

  1. TarverM says:

    Is it just me or is his avvie even douche-y?

  2. Now that’s how you pick up a girl.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If at first you don’t succeed, make it more creepy because it has to work eventually.

  4. Roxy says:

    Whoah, at first I thought he said “I want your baby”, but it’s just a case of a missing comma.

  5. What a depressing site. I had no idea it was this bad for women gamers.. :(

  6. Anonymous says:

    To be fair, this guy doesn’t think you’re fat, ugly OR slutty. He seems convinced, in fact, of your sexiness.

  7. something has to be said for his perseverance though….right?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow…. Creeper alert! I wonder how the woman responds to this(if she even does at all xD). I’m sure she’s just ready to jump into his arms. :P

  9. Maverynthia says:

    Creepers are never good, especially in games with mining equipment.

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