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Desperate Guys Finish Last | Fat, Ugly or Slutty

Desperate Guys Finish Last

beyblade 247 not only repeatedly messaged the submitter of these shots, but went on to harass anyone with a seemingly feminine gamertag on her friends list.

38 Responses to Desperate Guys Finish Last

  1. Roz Crandall says:

    Aww, he must be lonely.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Poor darling needs a hug

  3. Jack Juras says:

    Hey now, this post is a bit out of taste; it looks like a child sent her that and now he’s being ostracized for being interested in girls. Hell, there was no sexism or even one mention of Aaron Eckhart.

    Edit: Nothing fat, ugly, or slutty about this one. He might have just fallen for the submitter’s voice.

    • LeetAmerico says:

      You lost me at Aaron Eckhart. :(

    • Carly Frith says:

      I am the submitter and NO it wasn’t a child. Teenager at the youngest. I randomly played in a Black Ops game with him and he proceeded to send that and friend requests. Then after not getting my attention hit up some of my gal pals. Also the first question asked was if I was a girl. I told him no I was a unicorn and a figment of his imagination since I had already denied his friend req twice.

  4. Haha, what a player. He’s going to break a lot of hearts when he grows up.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Poor kid. With a gamertag like Beyblade he can’t be over 15. He’s just lonely it seems.

  6. Ian Caronia says:

    Could be a kid. Could also be a douche hunting a woman down since, as is mentioned above the posted picture, he harassed every feminine gamertag on this woman’s friends list. Douches are cunning sometimes. They play the kiddie role so folks inclined to sympathy will second guess the douche’s douche-ness.
    “Do you wanna be my girlfriend? : )
    Do you? : (
    DO you?! >8 [
    Love me! LOOVE MEEE!! >8D”

  7. Roxy says:

    I honestly don’t think this is a child, but it’s still really, really, REALLY, sad.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Even if it’s a kid, the problem isn’t that they’re lonely or socially awkward. Being either or both of those things is no moral failing, and something I sympathize with.

    The problem is that they feel entitled to the submitter’s time and attention. Women are subject to this pretty well from birth; if a woman is there, a man has every right to demand her interest, to interrupt her activities, to ignore boundaries.

    And not only does culture teach men that they can do this, and women that they should expect this, women are also under expectations to respond “appropriately”. Rebuke them too assertively and you’re a bitch, couldn’t you have let them down gently? Show a hint of courtesy or ambiguity and the guy will typically press right on and keep bothering you. If you’re *lucky* you won’t get accused of “leading them on” when you finally make it clear that you’re not interested.

    I just wanted to play a video game dammit. Another cobweb to dance around or clean off.

  9. This is hilarious.

  10. First date at a Beyblade arena? Anyone?

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