Classy One-Liner

L3GE7VDS stopped in the middle of a game to send this message, because a comment like this obviously couldn’t wait until the end of a match.

  • gtz

    I keep trying to read this in my head in a pickup-line tone of voice, but it never works. The first part starts all cheery but the last part ends up all kinds of creepy.

  • Jen

    I like to read it while using my “blackcent.” It makes me lol.

  • Anonymous

    Quite the pickup line. I would hope guys like these would either learn to treat women with respect or die single. >.<

  • Jim Darkmagic

    Has that line ever really worked for a man?

    and has he ever regretted it working once the burning started?

  • Roxy


  • Ian Caronia

    WUD up girl (Comma?) bet UD(?!) look good ridin my dick
    Mate, pro tip, just by even thinking about using this sentence, let alone sending it and with such…AWFUL grammar…you’ve proven you’d think ANYTHING would look good if it rode your dick.

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