Before Chat Roulette, there was UNO

CHRISTIAN xxxxx gets all hot and bothered by card games, apparently. I don’t even want to know what happens when he plays Monopoly.

  • Robin Blanchard

    Hormy sounds like a disease. Maybe he should spellcheck his bad come-ons.

  • Sean Ofthedead

    i remember this one time i was hormy,whoo that was rough

  • Anonymous

    Do you have Hormy? Not think there is a way out? Think you’ll be stuck with it forever? Not anymore! A new breakthrough in medicine brings this horrible disease to it’s knees! Try Getliad(tm)!

    Side effects include itchy or runny nose, fever, slight burning when you urinate, and can increase the probability of getting an STD. Getliad(tm) is not for everyone. Ask your doctor if Getliad(tm) is right for you.

  • Roxy

    Hormy sounds like a parasitic worm.

  • Ben Gray

    I am Hormy is the blockbuster sequel to I am Legend.

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